Skrevet av: Monica Abrahamsen         Dato: 19.02.13 08:43

Nordlysbadet in Alta is our first partner!

We are very pleased to have reached a partnership with Nordlysbadet. Nordlysbadet is Altas only water park and a major attraction in Alta.

Nordlysbadet is located in the center of Alta, next to Rica hotels and Amfi Alta. Nordlysbadet has an area of at 5150m2, and they have alot to offer, like: competitive pool, training pool with adjustable height, cave with water curtain, activity pool, climbing wall, water slide, wading pool, children's pool, flow channel, two cafes and a wellness center with saunas, cold pool, outdoor tub and whirlpool.

We thank Nordlysbadet for their sponsorship and are proud to cooperate with them.